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そこ ㅡ soko subliminals

can’t find my old videos? click here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpHCJYBi8QIFVGGZ9-RrvMr9h1xPYPyJS

you will only receive desired results!

this is series is based on all positions within your favorite kpop groups! You will manifest the qualifications as if you were the epitome of said position. Because I feel everyone should have a fair shot at the cutthroat industry these subliminals do not contain affirmations to become a kpop idol.

——— part 3 of 6

Position: Main/Lead Vocal

includes affirmations from:

1. Perfect belting technique
3. Powerful belts
4. Supported Belts
5. Forever in Perfect Pitch
6. Perfect Vocal Technique
7. Perfect Falsetto
8. Perfect Runs and Riffs
9. Agile Runs and Riffs
10. Obliterate Vocal Nodules
11. Perfect Breath Support
12. Always Sing from Diaphragm
13. Amazing Vocal Transitions
14. Manifest Whistle Register
15. Supported Whistle Register
16. Supported Lower Register
17. Perfect High and Breathy Whistle Notes
18. Perfect Every Note Possible Within Head Voice, Chest Voice , and Falsetto
19. Desired Vocal Texture
20. Desired Vocal Color
21. Light Vocal Weight
22. Sing with Larynx in Perfect Position
23. Perfect Arias + Master the Bel Canto Technique (amazing opera vocals)
24. Perfect Arpeggio Vocal Workouts
25. Master Art of Ballads (+amazing ballad vocals)
26. Sustain Long and Legato Phrases
27. Sustain Long and Legato Belts, Runs, and Riffs
28. Amazing Blending Transitions Between Head and Chest Voice
29. Master all Vocal Terminology
30. Obliterate All Breaks (the bad change in tone between head and chest voice)
31. Obliterate Bad Vocal Technique
32. Perfect Breath Control
33. Balanced Centered Vocals (greatest vocal power using the least amount of effort)
34. Perfect Chest Resonance (+ adds richer, darker, and deeper tone coloring)
35. Powerful and Loud Articulation (+vocals so loud it could fill a whole hall without any electronic amplifications)
36. Perfect Diction (+clear pronunciation of words)
37. Obliterate Strains and/or Human Vocal Error
38. Release/banish Over Breathing (+ produce the perfect amount of breath before belting)
39. Broad Vocal Range
40. Whistles and High Belting Resembles of War Siren
41. Release Temptation to Push Larynx Down Too Far (results to straining the vocals)
42. Perfect Vocal Attacks
43. Perfect Adlibs, Scatting, and Trill

includes affirmations to inherit perfect vocal technique to rival most famous kpop main singers such as—

* taeyeon (snsd)
* ailee
* chen (exo)
* baekhyun (exo)
* d.o (exo)
* kim jonghyun (r.i.p ☁️????)
* lee hi
* yoseob (beast)
* eunkwang (btob)
* dk (seventeen)
* seungkwan (seventeen)
* wonpil (day6)
* young k (day6)
* jay (day6)
* all of day6 (day6)
* hweseung (n.flying)
* chungha
* solar (mamamoo)
* wendy (red velvet)
* seulgi (red velvet)
* solji (exid)

note!: my subliminals contain my most powerful affirmations yet! I have been studying how well our subconscious mind reacts to affirmations in a different language and found that I still received affirmations with a language I had no knowledge on at all (Hindi). With that being said, my new formula contains standard English affirmations, 30 seconds of a mental grounding technique that puts you in a euphoric, peaceful mindset, 8D infused sounds (+ I layer my affirmations around rain sounds to ensure relaxation), visual binary coding, and secondary affirmations in the following languages
• spanish
• french
• german
• russian
• japanese
• korean

Good Luck!:: -

☼ make sure to listen to these subliminals at least 3 times to get effective results. As your brain takes one round to get the affirmations planted in your subconscious mind. ☼

✺ All my subliminals contain affirmations to give healthy fast and efficient results. ✺


100% safe and fast as long as you do the following (+ why they may not being working for you)

* take a small break (2-5 minutes) between different subliminal

* Drink a lot of water (because my affirmations are so powerful and contain "immediately" affirmations you need to make sure you aren't dehydrated as they are very powerful and could give you a headache if not done correctly.)

* Belief is still very essential

* If needed, listen to a powerful booster beforehand.

* Play at a comfortable hearing level (30-60%)

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